Pest Control - Your Obligations

Who is responsible for dealing with that nasty problem of vermin or pests infesting your property?
As a basic principle, if the pests are present at the start of the tenancy then the landlord is responsible for paying to have them removed.  If the infestation occurs during the tenancy then the tenants are liable.
There are a few exceptions – For example, if there are birds or possums in the roof then the landlord is responsible for removing them and sealing off any entrance points.
Additionally, if any infestation is caused by the landlord’s breach of the agreement (for example, leaving piles of rubbish in the garden or not carrying out reasonable maintenance) then they will be liable to pay the cost to remove the pests.
It’s always a good idea to get the property cleaned and have a pest service before a new tenant moves in.  This is not only good practice for getting the relationship with your tenant off to a good start; it will also reduce the risk of an infestation and related costs for removal.