Must Have Property Investment Checklist

If you are investing in property as a long term strategy to take advantage of capital growth, rental income and any tax benefits that may apply, it makes sense to be well-prepared and take a measured approach. Ideally, your investment property will tick off these items:

  • Close to amenities
  • In a suburb where there is a high demand for rental properties
  • Steady capital growth in the area the property is in
  • Good to excellent condition inside and out
  • Affordable for you as a landlord ongoing
  • Rental yield is likely to be satisfactory

Also, have these key people on your side:

  • Your accountant or financial advisor
  • Your conveyancer or solicitor
  • Your mortgage lender

Research is key when it comes to finding the right investment property for you. Local real estate agents, online searches and your own knowledge of an area are your best sources of information.